๐Ÿช™$STAI Token

The $STAI token is powered by the value of AI. Users will transmit to their creations through AI the value with the $STAI token. That value will be the one understood as invested to generate the high APR of the protocol. It is an investment vehicle that merges DeFi technology with the most advanced AIs. $STAI has a triple usecase

  • Access to the creators zone. The token is necessary to stack it to access the area where the magic is made and where the songs are generated. Also you will earn if the users like your hits.

  • Generate income as a user: you can only generate passive income if you hold $STAI in your wallet.

  • Investment: traders can speculate on the value of $STAI because with more users and creators in StereoAI platform, more value $STAI will accumulate.

Contract Address BSC: 0xebc148d40313be9c9f214d3beb9f2ddebec0ec52

Contract Address Arbitrum: 0xebc148d40313be9c9f214d3beb9f2ddebec0ec52

Token address is same in both of the networks

Multichain support

The token will be multichain and the exchange rate between the two networks will be dynamic. It won't be possible to do arbitrage.

We will use the technology of Layerzero for the relayer and for the endpoint.

Audit by Cyberscope

Coinscope has audited StereoAI with static analysis and manual contract review. Security assessment assist investors in drawing their own conclusions. The contract analysis depicts all the critical and informative findings.

In the following link you can check the report of the audit

Audit BSC:

Audit Arbitrum:

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