StereoAI Docs

StereoAI Studio

How it works

Step 1. Base
Select the style you like the most, you have a wide variety to choose from! It is something that will have a great influence on building your next hit!
Pick your base sample

Step 2. Singer

The singer or tone of the song will determine how it sounds. You can choose from a wide range of voice tones ranging from baritone to youthful voices with modern overtones.
Select the singer

Step 3. Lyrics

The most advanced AI specialized in Music Lyrics will help you to build your success. It is recommended that you be creative, specific, and thorough. All the nuances you can bring to the table such as people, themes, feelings, influences, or others.
From the beginning, you will have this AI working with our Lyrics Generator in Telegram, but it will be incorporated into the dapp so you can interact with it very soon.
If you have any questions please contact the team.
Write or generate your lyrics

Step 4. Listen

Now you just have to connect your wallet and stake the amount of $STAI indicated. Download or listen to your new hit on StereoAI. The more popular it is, the more rewards you will get in the protocol!
Play or download your song


Here you can take a look of a few examples that we have done to show what StereoAI is able to do:
"Hello this is Brainiac the developer of StereoAI and I'm testing the music studio creator"
"Hello I am Dandan and my role is the company is to find the way to pay all
the costs of the server"