Why StereoAI doesn't have a SAFU contract badge?

These are the conditions that Pinksale needs to give us the SAFU contract badge:

"SAFU Badge means that the project cannot be manipulated by the developer to hurt investors and gain an unfair advantage over them. SAFU badge will be given to KYCed projects that meet below specifications and ownership held by SAFU Developer."

It means that we cannot be the developers of our token if we want to get the SAFU badge. We are a high tech company and we develop the contracts by ourselves. So for giving trust to our investors we have done KYC, Audit and we are DOXXED.

What is the token sale price?

The presale method we have chosen is the Preesale Fair launch.

Token price = total raised bnb / total tokens for fair launch.

What is the minimum purchase amount?

0.2 BNB

What is the total supply of tokens?

Total Supply: 300,000,000 $STAI

Tokens for Presale: 100,800,000 $STAI

What is the timeline for the token sale?

Presale Start Time: 2023.02.15 14:00 (UTC)

Presale End Time: 2023.02.17 15:00 (UTC)

Listing On Pancakeswap: 2023.02.18 15:00 (UTC)

What are the accepted payment methods?

To buy at the Preesale you will need a Metamask. The token to buy will be BNB on the Binance Smart Chain network. Also, you will need to connect with the Pinksale dapp.

What is the maximum purchase amount?

10 BNB

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