AI and music

AI can create music in several ways. The first is through the creation of musical patterns from existing data, such as popular songs, sheet music, MIDI files, and other audio formats. This is known as computer music generation. This technology can be used to create melodies, complete songs, arrangements, and more.

Another way AI can create music is through the use of neural networks, this is the case of StereoAI. These neural networks can analyze patterns in existing music and then create unique music from those patterns. This technology can also be applied to create melodies, complete songs, arrangements, and more.

Blockchain implementation

StereoAI will allow users to create songs with a variety of tools, such as virtual synthesizers, a beat generator, a sound library and a selection of sound effects. Users can also create and customize their own songs with the help of AI, which is capable of emulating the style of a variety of famous artists.

Once the song is complete, the user can share it with other users on the platform, allowing them to vote for their favorite songs. The platform will also include a reward system in the form of tokens, which can be used to gain access to new content, as well as to purchase music-related products and services.

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