Moiki - CEO

Moiki is the driving force behind the company. With his 7 years of experience in the industry, he has the leadership skills and knowledge necessary to bring this company to the next level. He is passionate about new technologies and is committed to helping it reach its full potential.

DanDan - CFO

DanDan is an experienced financial expert who excels in understanding the complexities of this world's business logic. He strongly advocates for good financial management of on-chain transparency and financial decentralization.*

Brainiac - CTO

Brainiac is a technology genius responsible for developing the company's cutting-edge technology. He is an innovator who constantly pushes the boundaries and explores new ways to use technology to improve our world.

Queen Jenn - CMO

Queen Jenn is a creative marketing professional passionate about developing strong marketing campaigns that can help the company reach its goals. She is an expert at understanding customer needs and utilizing the latest trends in marketing campaigns.

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